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Led Zeppelin fanfic.

Ok, so it obviously isn't finished, but I've decided to post what I have so far of my Led Zeppelin fanfic, simply because it is at a good stopping point for my readers. I hope I don't get jinxed by posting this! Anyway, here goes-

Title: What Is & What Should Never Be
Rating: PG-13 - R, for sexual situations, swearing, possible drug references, and overall angst!
Pairing: Robert Plant/Original Female Character, Jimmy Page/Original Female Character
Summary: (I'm no good at this crap...) Juliet and Robert meet and fall in love. But someone tries to invade their happiness, and create a whole other kind...
Warning: I do not, nor would I claim, to know a lot about Led Zeppelin. I looked up random facts for my research at different times and use them throughout, but sparingly. The majority is fictitious.

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I like the beginning but after a certain point it seems weak to me, I did sort of rush through the last bit. Oh well, I'm my own worst critic and I might love it tomorrow. Alright give me feedback please. Good, bad it doesn't matter. And thanks for reading! There should be more soon, I hope. :)
I caught you smiling at me!! ;)

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Hey, guys!!! This site made me visit again and again!!! It's "Love...Robert Plant!! In this, you can find great pictures, Robert's quotes, the whole band's astrological chart wheels etc...(Robert, for example, is a Leo with Moon in Pisces and ascendant in Sagittarius: Bold and flamboyant, with sensitivity and artistic flair, optimistic and a free spirit...Find out more in the section "Occult"...) A very good site, which I recommend wholeheartedly...

Click to go to LOVE... ROBERT PLANT

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