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What Is & What Should Never Be, Part Two

It was easy enough to write; I did have a bit of trouble deciding how this would happen but knew the eventual outcome and what I wanted to take place. Yes, Juliet gives in to her lust for Jimmy. But who can resist? It's about to get a lot more complicated:

Around the middle of the show, when the fans were so enthralled it was just the perfect time, everyone left the stage except Bonzo and he went into a rendition of “Moby Dick”- one that was about to last at least for half an hour. It was a ritual that had begun since the songs’ release on the latest album and was also so enjoyable to see him shine through as an exemplary drummer. I had downed at least three drinks by this time and I was feeling quite relaxed if not a little tipsy, though not inebriated. Robert and Jimmy walked off the stage at the same time and my husband came up to me with a wide grin, which I tried to give back to him. He kissed me quickly and managed to say he had to use the loo before running off in that direction. I looked back over towards the stage as Jimmy walked over.

“Can I see you for a minute?” he asked me calmly and took my hand helping me stand up.

I was surprised and almost shocked; usually about this time in the concert was when he fed his lusts and took a few groupies into his dressing room for a while. But instead he wanted to see me! Something in his eyes told me I should trust him and I wanted desperately to go, so I agreed, “Ok.” I leaned a little on his arm as we walked back to his dressing room and he shut the door tightly behind us. I was standing in the middle of the room when he approached me and taking my face in both his hands, he kissed me. All the drink seemed to dry up in me and I pulled away, “What are you doing?”

“I can’t fight it anymore Juliet, I’ve gone over it and over it in my mind. I adore you,” Jimmy replied still holding my face. I looked deep into his eyes and I knew he wasn’t lying to me. I didn’t know if this was entirely lust, but something told me it was altogether different, “I need to have you Jules.”

I felt like I was in some sort of soap opera and the words that escaped my lips weren’t mine, “But... Robert…”

“I understand that you love him. But this is driving me bloody insane!” he pleaded. I put my hands on his arms he closed his eyes as if my touch was toxic to him, “Just give me one night. Please, trust me.”

My heart and mind were battling each other. Everything pointed to saying no and blowing Jimmy off; I was a married one and not just that, I was married to his best friend. How dare he admit to this! But there was another side to me, a darker side that urged me on, loved the thrill of danger. I closed my own eyes, trying to think quickly before the moment was gone. My attraction to Jimmy was undeniable, but to go any farther than a flirtatious chat was a whole new idea. It meant opening up a new door in our relationship and complicated the one I had with Robert, and cheating on him. But my own lusts of watching him from afar for years overtook my conscience, and just as I was coming to my conclusion, Jimmy’s lips again pressed against my sweetly and my hands instantly moved behind his neck and I kissed him back; I could feel his body relax as the tension was released. He stopped kissing me first this time, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“What about Robert?” I asked breathlessly.

Jimmy pulled me to him, “I’ve worked it out. He thinks I’ve taken you back to the hotel because you suddenly got sick off your drinks. We’re free to go.” He took my hand and started to pull me to the door. Reluctant still, I followed slowly.

Quickly, we made our way out of the venue and to a private taxi that took us back to the hotel. It was nothing out of the ordinary really; I had left in the middle of shows before, and Jimmy occasionally would go back to his rooms with girls while Bonzo played the hell out of his drums. Still, I sat away from Jimmy the entire way back and he seemed to understand why. I couldn’t stand myself until we were alone, until people couldn’t see me. Only then could I justify what I was about to.

We got into the lobby, and up the elevator in no time and soon were on the floor that the band had reserved. Jimmy again took my hand leading me to his room. He locked the door behind us as took I it all in; the room was set up a lot like his dressing room had been with candles waiting to be lit and no light. My stomach was jumping in my body when Jimmy came up from behind and put his arms around me lovingly and started to kiss my neck and collarbone. I moved my head away from him, feeling the sensation of his lips on my skin and then I glanced back and playfully kissed him on the cheek.

Jimmy appeared to take that as a signal to proceed and he turned me around in his arms swiftly and practically stuck his tongue down my throat. There it was again, that hunger from before that had sent me into a frenzy of feelings all through the concert. I kissed him back, trying to match his passions. He was kissing me so fast, almost devouring me, so that I didn’t even have time to react when I felt him bite my lip. I pulled back, “Did you just bite me?”

“Don’t you like it?” he asked with a hint of laughter in his voice. Actually I had and I answered his question by pulling him closer by the ascot around his neck and forcing one of his on my ass. He sighed and raised an eyebrow at me as if to say ‘Thank God!’ and kissed me again.

We started backing towards the bed and my heart filled with fear at missing it and hitting the floor, but of course Jimmy was alert to the possibilities and made sure I landed on my back on the soft bed. I moved my position to the top where the pillows were as he came along the right side of the bed and stared me down like animal would stalking its prey. I giggled as he jumped on the bed and straddled me. With one swiftly graceful move, my hand unfastened the catch that held up my halter dress and it fell to my waist, leaving my bare breasts exposed and heaving with breath. I swore I heard Jimmy mutter something like ‘Bloody hell, beautiful’ before he did something I’d never expected- Jimmy took the ascot off and grabbed my wrists with his long fingers. He then proceeded to tying them to the rungs on of headboard of the bed. An evil grin spread across his face as I looked up at my hands and then back at him, “What are you doing?”

“I’m not going to get anywhere with your hands all over me. I’ve got a show to get back to,” he replied as he shed his shirt and started to unbutton his pants. I was torn between adoring his waif like form and worrying about being tied up and not being able to touch him. I pulled downward but it was no use, my wrists wouldn’t budge. For a skinny man, Jimmy sure did have some strength in him and knew how to tie a knot.

His pants were thrown onto the floor soon and I blushed as I realized he hadn’t been wearing any underwear the whole time- he’d planned all this! Again he smiled at me, amiably this time, as he tossed my shoes aside and began stripped me of the rest of my clothes. Though it needed some persistence, my dress was soon flung aside and Jimmy admired my form in front of him; if there was any chance he wasn’t turned on before this I could surely tell he was now! I bit my lip and tried to restrain my hands from wanting to roam, in the event of injuring my wrists, as he stripped away my fishnets one by one ever so delicately till I thought I might melt at his touch and the feel of his breathing on my legs. My lacy underwear was soon discarded as well, as he practically tore them off, unable to take the anticipation anymore.

It was a side of Jimmy I had only seen when he was performing or playing music as he shifted on top of me and I moved my legs around him; thank goodness I was able to move something! I caught my breath as he thrust into me, leaving no time for me to adjust. But I wasn’t complaining, our mutual appetites made it so I only wanted more and couldn’t get enough. Jimmy grabbed the headboard with sweaty hands on either side of my arms and drove into me harder and harder. I called out his name while he closed his eyes and grunted, moving faster and faster, and my head was spinning as I let it fall back and my hands moved in their trap. I tried to move my hips along with him but it didn’t seem to matter anyway; he was in his own world of fulfillment. For a second, it appeared it didn’t matter to him who I was, just that I was an orifice to fill his desires, but then Jimmy opened his eyes and looked down on me with a soft smile, “Juliet, I-“ But he never finished his sentence as he gasped and ground into me even faster and I knew he was about to climax. I concentrated on my own feelings again and soon I lay limp practically hanging from the headboard. Just before he came, Jimmy pulled out of me and let the hot liquid spray onto my stomach with a moan, causing me to sigh for some unknown reason. I realized that to not finish inside me was his being a gentleman, thinking of my future, but I still felt slightly betrayed; in some world where there were no consequences, I wanted to feel his warmth pass through me and become a part of me.

Jimmy buckled on top of me and laid his head on my chest, a part of me I was surprised he hadn’t bothered to touch yet. He absentmindedly reached up and undid the ascot, and I put my arms around his thin back and held him. His gorgeous hair was sprawled all across me and for a second I allowed myself to touch it. About a minute later, Jimmy lifted his head and kissed my breast in appreciation and then looked at me satisfied, “Thank you.” All I could do was nod, still unable to breathe properly.

To my frustration, Jimmy got up and sat on the side of the bed, rubbing his eyes and adapting his inhalations. He looked at the clock on the side table and a whimper of displeasure escaped his lips as he realized 20 minutes had already passed since we’d left the concert hall and he therefore needed to go back and play the rest of the show. With renewed vigor, he started to gather his clothes from off the floor and ascot from the pillow where my head had been. I watched him dress in fascination; he truly was a striking form of a man and I pulled my legs up to my side, waiting for further direction. After he was again dressed, Jimmy headed for the bathroom and turned the light on to see himself in the mirror, pulling his hair this way and that. He came back out with a towel in his hand and tossed it to me to clean myself. I just held it to my stomach as he sat on the bed and started putting his boots on.

I got on my knees behind him and put my head near his shoulder, “I suppose I should stay here.”

“That would probably be best,” he replied not looking back at me, “And you ought to go back to your room before we all get back as well.” I furrowed my brow and tried not to let my heart break. I knew this would happen, I knew the cost of this endeavor, what did I expect?

“Will this…happen again?” I asked my mouth still just near his ear.

Jimmy wavered a moment, savoring the feeling of my breath on his neck before he finished with his shoes and turned to me with a sweet face, “I hope so Jules. We’ll have to be content with that for the time being. …I’ve got to go.” He leaned and kissed my cheek before getting up and strolling to the door. He looked back at me once more, before opening and closing the door behind him.

I relaxed and looked around the room; it suddenly felt so empty and so cold. My autopilot kicked in and I got up and first went into the shower, quickly washing away any traces of Jimmy Page on me. I washed my hair and everything; how the hell would I explain it to Robert later if had any foreign smells on me? Thoughts meandered on the edge of my brain but I pushed them away as I continued my leave. I took another towel from the rack above the toilet and wrapped myself in it, before gathering up my clothes, turning off the lights, and sprinting back to the room Robert and I shared.

Once there, I threw the towel away on the floor of the bathroom and dressed myself in my most comfortable pair of pajamas. I curled up on my side on the bed and sighed to myself; what had I just done? On one hand it had been glorious to make love with Jimmy. He had treated me as Robert never would and it was an exhilarating new feeling. But on the other, the logical hand, I had cheated on my husband. It fell on me like a ton of bricks as the weight of my actions registered; how could I have done this to him, something so selfish? Hadn’t I promised to love him till death do us part? Had I not vowed my monogamy as he had his? So where did I get off running away for half an hour with Jimmy Page for a quick fuck?

Tears started to well up in my eyes; I felt like the biggest whore. And yet somewhere in the back of my mind, I was gratified by the experience and what scared me most was I wanted more. I wanted to know Jimmy’s touch again; I wanted to hear my name on his lips. I had to have it back. Why was I so screwed up?! I got up, feeling sick to my stomach and ran to the bathroom, vomiting the contents of my stomach in the toilet. When I felt calmer, I went into my suitcase and found a bottle of muscle relaxants I’d packed. I quickly popped two and then laid back down in the bed, curled up tight to myself. I fell asleep as the tears dried on my cheeks.

“Juliet, baby?” I heard Robert call for me. I opened my eyes to see his beautiful face in front of me, more concerned then ever, “There you are. Are you feeling any better?”

I nodded and lied, “Yes, thank you. I’m sorry I left so abruptly.”

“It’s alright, I’m just glad you’re ok,” he replied rubbing my shoulder, “Jim, she says she’s alright. Thanks again for bringing her back mate.”

I raised my head to see Jimmy standing in the doorway, “Alright, night you guys.” He waved before closing the door behind him as if that was the only thing that had happened.

Robert quickly stripped his clothes off and climbed into bed with, I could feel the lingering sweat on his skin. He kissed my forehead smiled, “My poor little dear. You shouldn’t have drunk so much. You missed a fantastic show.”

“I’ll be more careful next time,” I promised.
“God I’m knackered! I hope Bonzo keeps it down in the other room.” Not very likely, I thought. I imagined the rest of the band in their rooms, perhaps together, surrounded by groupies. I saw Jimmy with his arm around one, making out with her, possibly taking her back to the same bed we’d shared.

I closed my eyes pushing it from my mind and I felt Robert drift off into sleep. I then lent up and kissed him tenderly, “I love you Robert.” The only person I had to prove it to was myself.

I hope you all like it; it's as racy as I've ever gotten!
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