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Led Zeppelin fanfic.

Ok, so it obviously isn't finished, but I've decided to post what I have so far of my Led Zeppelin fanfic, simply because it is at a good stopping point for my readers. I hope I don't get jinxed by posting this! Anyway, here goes-

Title: What Is & What Should Never Be
Rating: PG-13 - R, for sexual situations, swearing, possible drug references, and overall angst!
Pairing: Robert Plant/Original Female Character, Jimmy Page/Original Female Character
Summary: (I'm no good at this crap...) Juliet and Robert meet and fall in love. But someone tries to invade their happiness, and create a whole other kind...
Warning: I do not, nor would I claim, to know a lot about Led Zeppelin. I looked up random facts for my research at different times and use them throughout, but sparingly. The majority is fictitious.

I claimed one thing, but I was really another. I led a double life. I was a pretender, a con artist. The only time the guilt didn’t consume me was when I was with either of them.

I had met Robert Plant at a club in London in 1968. At the time, he was singing in a group called Band of Joy. I had heard about them through my one friend’s brother; he knew I liked music and told me, “Juliet, you have to see this bloke, he can really sing!” Ever the musical enthusiast, I vowed to go to the next gig with him, while my friend also tagged along- and damn was he ever right! Robert belted out the blues like no one I’d heard; with such a howl of passion that I knew it was love at first sight. Well, first sound anyway. Imogen, my friend, somehow detected my attraction (Could it have been my flushed cheeks every time he looked our way?) and from then on was attempting to get us to bump into each other. We did, literally, after the gig when, at the bar, I managed to run into him on my way back to our table and dumped a beer all over his shirt. I was horrified by my clumsiness but he was laughing and even bought me another. We introduced ourselves to one another from there and he invited me to sit at a table with him and his friend, John Bonham, who later of course was also in Led Zeppelin. That love at first sight came to true form as we talked and drank; we found out we had the same birthday, August 20th, and that he was three years older than me. The more we drank, the more flirtatious we became as he would brush my brown hair from my face and I touched his hand. Before long, my friends decided to leave and shockingly I stayed behind. When the pub finally did close, the band offered me a ride home and Robert left me at the door with a kiss. My body may have been on solid ground, but my heart was that of a teenager on cloud nine.

Our relationship blossomed from there; I’d go see the band whenever I could and he’d visit me. Once or twice I even snuck him in the house while my parents were away on day trips, them not being too keen on my dating a musician. We’d spend ages just laying up in my bedroom and making love. Robert was my first and I had fallen head over heels. There was no turning back.

Not long after we got together, Robert called me up to tell me he’d joined a new band and asked me if I wanted to come to meet them all collectively with him. Of course, I jumped at the chance. We met below this record store in London. I was thrilled to see Bonzo there as the drummer, not only because he was a fantastic one but also because he was Robert’s friend. It was also then that I first met Jimmy Page.

He was unlike any other person I had ever met, male or female. He was quiet and polite, but also had a drive. He had been a member of The Yardbirds but they had recently disbanded; Jimmy, however, wanted to keep going, his ambition overpowering everything. And so this is how the new lineup came to be, along with John Paul Jones was bass and The New Yardbirds were born, and eventually reborn as Led Zeppelin. Jimmy and I had a certain strange chemistry from the start, being that we were similar sort of people. To the naked eye, we seemed sedate and dull, but when it came to our passions, nothing else mattered or was more important. Jimmy’s was the band; he ate, slept and breathed it, and mine was supporting that band and in that, Robert. I was continually in awe every time they played in front of an audience. They got on so well on stage and connected, and the power that streamed through to the listeners was like a magnet. You were in so much awe you couldn’t look away. Bonzo made other drummers look like fools and kept the band going, John Paul provided stability and a steady bass line, Robert sang his throat raw and made each and every person fill with the desire to be him or to be with him, and Jimmy, well, he was beautiful to watch. The music overtook him so he seemed to be in a trance. Every note he played was genius and bore his heart and soul. They were the greatest thing I or anyone had seen for a long time.

The gigs began to pour in as the band got more and more popular. They recorded their first album and their popularity skyrocketed. The album itself I thought was perfect; it had haunting vocals on blues songs by Robert, fun rock tunes and even a beautiful acoustic guitar solo by Jimmy. I was extremely proud, but especially of Robert. He shined as lead singer and my heart grew in admiration, not to mention lust, for him. While the others had their troupes of groupies coming and going, Robert only had me. Not that he was complaining; seeing him on that stage and singing those words the way he did only escalated my attraction to him to the maximum degree and whenever we could we’d be found held up in a hotel room driving each other mad. Everything was fantastic, better than we could have ever imagined. Robert and I even got married in late 1970.

Led Zeppelin II produced more audience and therefore more concert dates. It was on these tours that everything changed.

I woke with a start- my dreams had been filled with loud thunderstorms and lightning crashes, things that as a child had fascinated me but now only terrified me. I wanted to get away and couldn’t. So I bolted up in bed, sweat drenching my skin.

“What’s the matter Jules, love?” Robert asked next to me. I suddenly felt cold and shook a little, at which he sat up and put his arms around me, “My God, you’re shivering! Come here.” I consented and let him take me back down on the mattress and pull the sheets over us, rubbing my arms all the while. I put my hands over his and let him hold me tight, “You don’t have a fever, do you?”
The chill was starting to subside, “No, it was just a bad dream.”

“One of those again eh; what am I going to do with you? You know, with me around you shouldn’t be having nightmares.” I kissed his wrist and then turned myself around to look into his eyes, those handsome blue eyes. Robert pulled me to him and grinned; I managed a faint smile before putting my head on his chest and sighing. He stroked my hair, “It’s gonna be ok you know.”

“Mm hmm,” I replied putting my right hand where his heart was. I could feel his breathing slow as I took drifted back to sleep.

The sun rose too quickly in the city we now found ourselves occupying and as the light streamed in through small slits between the window curtains, I groaned and shifted my weight.

“Oh you’re up,” I heard Robert say from far away. I frowned and opened my eyes to see him sitting near the light in a chair in his bathrobe with a cup of tea. He was looking to me for a response.

“What? No I’m not,” I replied and threw the sheets back over my head into a warm cocoon. Just as I began relaxing again, the mattress creaked and the sheets were thrown off me. Robert was on his knees next to me, “Give them back, I’m cold!”

“I thought you were getting up,” he stated straddling me and rubbing my back.

“Well I’m not,” I said back, my voice muffled by the pillow under my head.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” he concluded and thus began our usual morning ritual. He started to tickle me, first on my sides near my ribs and then going for my stomach. I started protesting and balling up to get his hands away, but he was too fast. Robert turned me around to look at him; he had a wicked gleam in his eye and knew he had the upper hand, “I’ve got you now. When I get done with you you’ll be begging for mercy.” I giggled and the real “attack” came-

It began with a light kiss on the mouth which became a passionate French kiss. By the time his lips met my neck, our hands were all over each other. He practically ripped the Led Zeppelin t-shirt I had slept in off of me, while I swiftly opened his robe, which was tossed aside. I knew now why the sheets had been thrown off me in such a manner- easier access. Robert let his body weight come down on me as he trailed from my neck to breasts with sweet kisses; I groaned in appreciation. His hands continued their descent to my white panties with red seams; he outlined them with his fingers carefully teasing, which only made me want them off more. He knew this and so waited for my permission, which I gave seconds later with a move of my hips and bite of my lip. He slipped them off gently, touching my legs and more private areas all the while. He knew anticipation drove me crazy and so milked it for all it was worth, touching ever so slightly and making sure I felt his hardness on my thigh, his own need. Just before I thought I might cry out, he sat up and let me trail my fingers down from his chest to his own underwear; his eyes closed but quickly reopened as he yanked the cloth down and away from him. He positioned himself atop me and my legs naturally wrapped around his waist as he entered me. We gasped and our hips began jerking back and forth in unison. I put my arms around his back, hands digging into his flesh as he flowered me with kisses once again and his hands touched me. I threw my head back and pushed harder as it intensified, moaning in pleasure. Robert’s head came down on my shoulder as he pushed back, breathing heavily and my name escaped his lips. We were truly at that moment, as Shakespeare said, a ‘beast with two backs,’ pleasing each other till we might go mad. I thought of my husband’s roaring vocals as the sweat dripped and yelled out his name, finally reaching my climax. My hands fell limply to the sides as Robert continued his own climb, driving harder into me until finally he shook and I felt the hot liquid come into me and he collapsed on top of me. Robert sighed and chuckled in my hair as I reached up to run my hands through his long blonde locks.

It was minutes before either of us bothered to move at all. Robert fell on his side of the bed on his back. I moved onto my side, legs slippery, and curled up to him under his arm, which he put behind my head.

His breath was just regulating when I spoke, “I was certainly at your mercy.” He laughed and sighed.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the door adjoined to ours. No sooner it was flung open and there stood our favorite drummer.

“Oi Bonham!” Robert exclaimed pulling the sheets up over us quick as he could, “You ever heard of bloody privacy?!”

“Well I did knock,” Bonzo replied. I was about to remark that he made a point before Robert again spoke.

“What is it you want?”

“Peter wants to see us. Band meeting.” With that he left.

Robert laughed and sat up, “Bleedin’ hell! Where are my pants?”

“Over there,” I replied pointing towards the floor. I didn’t move. He got up and I resisted the urge to playfully slap his naked ass. I could hear him rummaging around the room and in a few minutes he appeared in front of me fully dressed, “Well that was fast!”

“I’ve got to go. I’ll be back.”

“You’d better,” I commanded kissing him hard as he bent over to me. He walked away and I heard the door slam shut. I lifted my head to look at the clock. It was nearly noon. I sighed and put my head back down.

Hours later the band was set to play a concert and I found out that the “band meeting” was regarding that. I had to admire Peter Grant for always taking care of them. I took my time getting up and getting myself ready for the show, deciding to forgo my usual jeans and t-shirt for playing a little dress up. I found a red halter dress in the closet that I only remembered wearing when Robert and I were on our honeymoon. I added to that some black fishnet stockings, black heels and did up my makeup. I had to admit I looked like a regular groupie! It would only be the band or Peter who could tell me apart. But I looked hot and I knew it. I smiled slyly at myself as I finished my lipstick and headed downstairs to catch the limo to the show.

When I got there everything was abuzz and I was told that the band members were in their dressing rooms getting ready for the show which was about an half an hour away. I knew Robert usually chose the very first room in the corridors so I headed towards it and didn’t even knock on the door when I entered.

“So, how do I look?” I whispered seductively into the dark. In fact the room was only lit by candles, which took me by surprise and didn’t seem like Robert at all.

“Fantastic,” a breathless voice replied. It wasn’t Robert. Panic filled my stomach as a figure approached me and in the faint light I was just able to make out the long and lanky form of Jimmy Page. He waltzed up to me his eyes looking calm and yet there was something in them that was almost menacing. I couldn’t look away or move. He smirked as he stood right in front of me. Jimmy reached down and brought my chin up so he could see at me closer. And before I could react, his lips were on mine, hungering for me. I nearly kissed him back before my spell was broken; I broke the kiss and gasped. He smiled at me, “Mm, and you taste good too.” I had no idea what to say and was trapped against the door, so I reached up and smacked him across the face; Jimmy grabbed my hand and caressed it, “Don’t do that, I might like it.” He was about to lean in for another kiss when I reached behind me and finally found the doorknob. I moved quickly to my right and inched out the door as fast as I could, petrified and unable to make sense of what had just occurred.

I stopped a roadie in the corridor and asked where Robert was, he pointed me in the direction of the second dressing room. I ran over to it, knocked quickly and slipped inside. I saw Robert at the mirror and at my entrance he turned and his mouth dropped open. For a moment I forgot what had just happened and walked up to him as he wolf whistled at me, “Baby, you look fantastic!”

I blinked at the word, the same one Jimmy had used. I pushed it from my mind and kissed Robert hastily, hoping I didn’t smell like anything but my own perfume, “Thank you, I thought you’d like it.”

“Like it? You’re going to be the belle of the ball tonight! Tongues will be wagging. I might get jealous…”

I put an arm around him and looked at us in the mirror, “Oh would you?” Unexpectedly I noticed my lipstick was smudged, a bit of it was on the top of my lip. Frantically, I grabbed a tissue and started to fix it then reapplied it with the lipstick from my purse, “I must have bumped into someone.”

“Well you still look perfect,” Robert stated kissing my cheek. He looked at the clock, “Ah, show time. I better see you dancing!” He went for the door.

I smiled, “Oh you will!” When the door closed behind him, I collapsed into the nearest chair in exhausted confusion and tried not to cry. What had that been about? Why had Jimmy done that? He hadn’t just been friendly; he had acted like an animal pouncing on its prey and kissed me hard. I couldn’t understand it since he had never acted that way before. But since it was so close to show time I tried to forget it and exited the dressing room.

Just my damn luck, I passed Jimmy on the way! He stopped in front of me and I almost expected a similar episode, but then I realized that he probably wouldn’t kiss me outside of the any sort of privacy. He only smiled at me, took my arm and put a piece of paper in my hand. With that, he walked off and out of my sight. A shiver ran down my spine and I brought my hand to my chest. I looked down and opened it up carefully. Juliet, I need to see you tonight. Jimmy That was all it said. I grimaced at it, crumbled it up and threw the paper in the nearest waste basket. I then headed towards the backstage area and the other groupies.

Led Zeppelin played a concert to thousands of adoring fans as I watched from the side of the stage. It was a time I normally relished in- being able to watch the love of my life do the thing he loved to do with the people he loved to do it with and entertain at the same time. Robert always looked amazing when he was onstage if not downright sexy; he had this trademark was wearing skin tight blue jeans and some sort of ill fitting girls’ shirt. On anyone else it would look ridiculous but on Robert Plant it was pure brilliant sexual projection. I could understand why the girls in the audience threw themselves at him so. I tried to dance along to the music like I usually would, but my mind was further occupied. I was watching Jimmy more than I was Robert. I couldn’t help it; it was almost as if his kiss at poisoned me and I was hypnotized to him. I had always thought that Jimmy was a handsome man, cute even, but thoughts of this kind had never crossed my mind before. I had Robert, what did I need Jimmy for? But now as I danced and closed my eyes, I could see him one second playing his guitar and the other I was again backed up to a wall and he was kissing me, except this time I was kissing him back. We were passionate, our hands in each others’ dark hair. The moment he moved to my neck, I forced my eyes to open. And that was the split second that Jimmy looked over my way while playing his guitar, seeming to be thinking of the same thing. Another chill ran down me and my knees felt weak as I found a place to sit down and a drink to relax me. God, what the hell was happening to me?

I like the beginning but after a certain point it seems weak to me, I did sort of rush through the last bit. Oh well, I'm my own worst critic and I might love it tomorrow. Alright give me feedback please. Good, bad it doesn't matter. And thanks for reading! There should be more soon, I hope. :)
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